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Re: [wtp-dev] Our march to M4

> I guess we both made independent schedule plans.  Which one should we keep?

Definitly yours! (Its your build :)  I'll even dare to subtract again, just so others
can point out my errors: [And, to emphasize, if anyone needs a nonscheduled
build, just post to here to wtp-dev so others know what's "coming up" and
one of us several 'build masters' will push the button.]

April 16,17,18  6:00 AM Istanbul         == 11PM EDT

April 16,17,18 16:00 PM Istanbul         == 9:00 AM EDT

April 15,16,17,18 23:00 PM Istanbul         == 3 PM EDT

Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/15/2005 01:20 PM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."

"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [wtp-dev] Our march to M4

I guess we both made independent schedule plans.  Which one should we keep?

At 07:55 PM 4/15/2005, you wrote:

Given our status, plans and goals for M4, there's the general plan for builds/testing for the next little while.

The main goal is to have a Milestone quality build by Tuesday morning so we, and community, can
have several days to test for any show-stopping defects.

We'll change cruise control to do "continuous" I-builds for the next several days, following the usual
schedule of 11 PM, 8:30 AM, and 3:30 PM (EDT).  And, please remember, there's roughly a 15 minute

lag between extssh commits and pserver fetches .. so commit/release early !

Teams with large renames/refactorings still to do should work directly with effect teams, and plan a time

that teams can respond before next scheduled I-build and all have a coordinated "release" of changes,
or I-build will fail miserably and do no one any good.

Teams should "continuously" be picking up I-builds, sniff testing, and making sure blocking/critical fixes.
are resolved.

>From talking to EMF and JEM team leads, the version of EMF we should use for this milestone
EMF I20050414117

we'll try and get that in today's 3:30 build.

and JEM I20050415xxxx, to be created later today,
we'll get that in Saturday's builds.

(no substantial changes are expected, but we should use a coordinated "stable" version
to be reproducible and to report bugs against ... both these teams say they are not really
producing "M" builds of these packages, but these are based on M6, and JEM will be based on 0414 EMF.

I believe the GEF pre-req has already been fixed, and will be in today's 3:30 build.

Naci or Ozgur .. can you check if we can capture and upload "console log" from JUnit tests ....
that might be helpful is detecting problems.

Thanks all.

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