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Re: [wtp-dev] Some recent server problems

Here are my findings on issues with server tooling

1. When create server resources option in preferences is NOT checked,
a server project is created but the server resources are not attempted
to be saved in it, in this case save configuration fails. (some
trouble in save to metadata)
If you choose to save in a server project no problems with the save
configuration. This is happens for Tomcat plugin only.
2.  I do not see the "Run on Server" option as well. Happens for all
server tooling
3. This is somehow related to the first issue. If you choose to save
configuration in workspace it works.

Another point when testing is the issue of modules/projects. On the
build there are 3 module definitions that roots from 2 project

The first web project can be created from New> Web > J2EE Web Project.
 This is the most lonely project definition:) since no server plugin
plays with it.

Next project is created with  New>J2EE>Web Project. This is the
"sample" project that comes from the server tooling. Tomcat Server
plugin works with projects of this kind.

And finally comes the module definition (not a project) from generic
server plugin. Since it is a generic module definition, any directory
structure that conforms to j2ee web application structure is listed
and added to generic servers as a web module, no matter what sort of
project the directory is in.

Although I like to be able to add a module to not only to Web projects
but any projects, I am modifying the generic server plugin to use the
projects in J2EE tools. I guess this is the  place where all flexible
module/project resttucturing effort is taking place.

Gorkem Ercan

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 01:00:38 -0500, Alexander Smirnoff
<alexsmr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> While testing recent 12.12 integration build I find out few minor but
> annoying problems.
> 1. When creating new server I'm always getting server resources created
> in workspace (correspondent check-box in the server preferences is
> disabled).
> 2. I've changed the moduleObjectAdapter to moduleArtifactAdapter
> extension point and correspondent changes in classes. But when I try to
> launch the resource on the server there is no option 'run on the server'
> in context menu any more as it was before.
> BTW, the CVS version of jst.sample.web.project in moduleArtifactAdapter
> extension references the ModuleArtifactAdapter class, however it is
> still ModuleObjectAdapter in workspace (i.e. it does not work)
> 3. When trying to launch the server without any published application it
> fails (should it?) saying 'nothing to publish'.
> I was running Tomcat 5.5.
> Thanks,
> Alex.
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