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[wtp-dev] Status on M2 candidate build

As requested ...

From a narrow source editing point of view, I can declare a "go" for further testing (using latest I-build) .... but,

from my particular vantage point, I happen to know some teams will be releasing some fixes, and requesting
a rebuild (probably not until around 10 PM Eastern time, tonight). So we'll wait to do full testing until that new build
is ready.

I never could get "run on server" to work (using Tomcat 5.0),
though others seem to be able to ... still unclear if that's my system, or what.
(but hard to test breakpoints, without it).

We'll be making a few updates to test plan this evening, as well.

Our Unit test failures are still being investigated, but relatively sure most are due to
poor tests ... and shouldn't effect testing (with the possible exception that we may not
handle encoding errors correct, e.g. as malformed input ... hardly a hold-up).

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