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Fw: [wtp-dev] Debug Option for Builds

Folks may already know this but I just thought I'd share what I recently learned about setting different debug levels in PDE builds...

To run with full debug (as in -g), the javacDebugInfo property needs to be "on", i.e. in the "all" target of cruise.xml, the argument -DjavacDebugInfo=on
should be passed in.

If you don't want full debug but only partial like "-g:{lines}" or "-g{lines,source}", this can be done by using the compilerArg property, like this: -DcompilerArg="-g:lines,source"
in addition to

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[wtp-dev] Debug Option for Builds

I am seeing this message everytime I add breakpoint. Is there a way we can add the -debug option during the build process, so the line number attributes are generated. Many people have come across this exact message and the common workaround right now is to load all the code from the repo.

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