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[wtp-dev] WG: Trying to checkout and build wtp


Naci mentioned that you are the new build master, so I forward this message
to you. 


P.S: I will change the website with regard to the build master as soon as I
get committer rights for it.

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Jordi Böhme López [mailto:jboehme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2004 11:18
An: deniz.secilir@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; dominique.devito@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Jochen Krause; Leif Frenzel
Betreff: Trying to checkout and build wtp

Hi Deniz and Dominique.

I'm trying to reconstruct the version that is built in the nightly 
builds. I checkout the projects from cvs in eclipse using the latest 
map-file from the nightly build website:

I've been trying this with the last three days' versions. The projects 
compiled in eclipse without compile errors. Then I tried to export 
"Deployable Features" (org.eclipse.wst and org.eclipse.jst) and it never 
-- snip --
Unable to find plug-in: org.eclipse.wst.monitor.core_1.0.0 Please check 
the error log for more details.
-- snap --

It seems that in the feature.xml is declared 1.0.0 and in the plugin it 
says 3.0.0. The same applies not only to org.eclipse.wst.monitor.core 
but also to several other plugins.

I've found out, that int the cvs-head version, the versions in the 
plugins are correct.

Now I wonder which version sould I use?
map-file (with different tags) or cvs-head?

What I dont't understand:
- The webpage says, the nightly builds build the cvs-head version:
- The nightly-built webpage offers a map-file (not cvs-head)
   for download:

I already posted to the newsgroup, but nobody responded.

A colleague of mine tried to build as described at:
That didn't work either.

What do I have to do, to get the latest working (and exportable) version 
of the sources?

Thanks for your help

Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH
Jordi Böhme López
Tel. +49.721.966.23.60
Fax  +49.721.966.23.62

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