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[wtp-dev] Slight update to milestone Plan for M2

Just FYI .. I updated the Milestone 2 plan to clarify a few items, especially with Craig's help.
in the editing area.

Also, as a reminder of what's coming up, I also added the test cutoff date and some
implications of what it means. I know this will be discussed more, but thought it good
to put something there.
= = = =
M2 Shutdown Testing to begin 12/10

<initial draft - still to be reviewed.>

We'd like the community to stay aware of this date, so hopefully we can have many people test it a few days, either to help execute our test cases, or come up with some of your own. (Normally it would be exactly one week, but we are allowing extra time due to holiday's and to allow an upgrade to Eclipse M4 on 17th)

  • 12/10 Build Candidate for Milestone
    • Code Complete
    • component test plans complete
    • Top-to-Bottom "tutorials" will created for testing
    • milestone plans updated, if appropriate, to accurately reflect M2 content (e.g. if there's any "early" or "experimental" function)
    • fix all priority 1 defects, and fix or answer all Blocker, Critical, and Major defects before declaring milestone.

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