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[wtp-dev] Bug fixes and CVS annotations

wtp committers: As more bugs are added to bugzilla and fixes done and patches are applied, I am going to suggest that annotation during the commits to CVS we follow the following standard:

	[BUGNO]  Some explantion  (eg: [6788] Fixed foo bug)

This will allow us to generate a "what is fixed " list automatically with links to bugzilla with each build.


Naci Dai,
Managing Director

eteration a.s.
Inonu cad. Sumer sok. Zitas D1-15
Kozyatagi, Istanbul 81090
+90 (532) 573 7783 (cell)
+90 (216) 361 5434 (phone)
+90 (216) 361 2034 (fax)

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