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[wtp-dev] a new WTP Architecture Overview document is available

I've started a new WTP Architecture Overview document, temporarily available in CVS as indicated below.
(After some initial "sanity check" review, I'll move to website location, and delete old one based on initial contribution).

It's basically the "component view" from the previous document. (This one, though, is truly architectural, it describes
where we want to end up ... it does not describe the existing structure, which needs much refactoring and holes filled in).

In this version, I have done much more to group some components into "subsystems".

I think these subsystems will be important for the following reasons:
        1. it gives some conceptual simplification, not to be under estimated (we have 11 subsystems, 23 components, and
            still too many individual plugins to be easily understood).
        2. I think its easier to describe dependancies at a sub-system level, instead of component by component.
        3. Most important, for most readers, will be that I think the subsystems can form the building blocks
                of our top-most "PDE features" ... some of which would be available via update manager. In fact,
                in that overview, I've proposed 3 subsystems be made available via update manager, in addition to JST and
                WST, that is. Namely, XML Subsystem (which includes schema and dtd components), JSP Web Resources (JSP editing/model, with all
                dependancies, e.g. HTML, CSS, _javascript_), and lastly, the "Database Subsystem" (RDB and SQL).

                I picked these three because these are the only three I've heard from both users and other projects as being
                important to be available separately from WST and JST.

                I'm sure other projects and some users will want more fine-grained pieces ... but I propose that if they do, they would
                have to download larger piece and then pick out what they want. (There's always limits and trade-offs
                to be made with the divisions ... I've tried to reach a meaningful, but manageable balance). Again, this is a proposal,
                please let me know if I've overlooked other requirements or have been too accommodating. In summary, this would be
                5 updated manager features, each with "runtime" and "SDK" flavors, for 10 total ... I hope no one wants more!]
                [BTW, I also propose we not worry about any accurate sub-feature definition
                for WTP M2 ... that we wait until the WTP M3 cycle to even begin defining those in the repository].

Please review overview for accuracy and completeness. I am due to present/review this to EMO
Architecture Council on 12/2, so ... sorry I haven't allowed more time for review.

Ideas and feedback more than welcome, as always.

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