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Re: [wtp-dev] I-Build on Thursday

Regarding step 1, - Review your components (plugins) and label them with the cvs tag "v20041118" ...
I know there was a little discussion on this already, but guess I missed the conclusion.

What's the reason/need to "label them with the cvs tag "v20041118"".
If someone has already labeled their component, say, v20041116, and have made no changes, or, just as important, made changes
they do not want included in the I build, then there should be no requirement for them to updated the version of their component, as long
as the version in the map file has some vesrsion (not the word 'head') such as v20041116 .... right?

BTW, using the Eclipse Release Tool it's pretty easy to version a component, and have it update the
map files. I just know from previous experience, that some components won't change week to week, so should be
no need to version them, and sometimes there might be some changed made in head that are not ready for an I-build.
(or example, there might be a known bad bug in head branch that teams do not have time to fix before the I-build).
Am I missing something?

I believe the Eclipse-based build will simply get what ever version the map file says, right?

I do agree its a great idea that the map files themselves be versioned with the day (and time) of the build, since that
allows anyone to "recreated" what versions were used in the build. But there should be no reason all the components
need the exact same version. (And, BTW, using Release tool's "load map projects" on a particular version of the map files, should
pull all those versions into workspace. The only thing important to avoid is a map file entry that says 'HEAD', since then that
would be un-recreatable.

Please clarify the need, or if not one, then confirm the "make sure all components are versioned" is more appropriate
first step.


Deniz Secilir <deniz.secilir@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: wtp-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

11/17/2004 04:21 AM

Please respond to

wtp-committers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
[wtp-dev] I-Build on Thursday

Hi committers,

There will be an I-Build on thursday with the label v20041118
.  It will be triggered 8 AM EST.  Please prepare your components for this build.  Here is a reminder list for the tasks:

- Review your components (plugins) and label them with the cvs tag "v20041118"
- Review the entries in  org.eclipse.wst and org.eclipse.jst  features make sure your plugins are listed if you want it to be included in the I-build.
- Review the entries in  releng maps make sure your plugins/features are listed and has the proper label (v20041118).
- All plugins listed in feature.xml must have a corresponding entry in the map file. Please do not forget to check that all requirements of your plugins and their prerequired plugins are listed in build.cfg file. If not, let me know.

Please take care of the urls in maps/build.cfg file. It must be direct link to a zip file, and can be download without any redirections.
So use this link  junitFileBuildURL=
instead of  junitFileBuildURL=


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