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[wtp-dev] Changes to build process


In addition to the Integration ("I") builds in preparation to the milestone (M) builds, we propose to do regular I-Builds:

- There will be an "I" build every thursday. The label for it will be vYYYMMdd (eg, this thursday it will be v20041118). - There will be an additional "I" build on mondays preceeding an "M" build. "M" builds will be on fridays as previosly decided. - We do not expect that there will be any additional I-build requests, however if for any reason an urgent I-build is needed, it can be requested from one of the build masters (Deniz Secilir <deniz.secilir@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Phillip Avery <pavery@xxxxxxxxxx> , Craig Salter <csalter@xxxxxxxxxx> )


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