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[wtp-dev] I-Build on Thursday

Hi committers,

There will be an I-Build on thursday with the label v20041118.  It will be triggered 8 AM EST.  Please prepare your components for this build.  Here is a reminder list for the tasks:

- Review your components (plugins) and label them with the cvs tag "v20041118"
- Review the entries in  org.eclipse.wst and org.eclipse.jst  features make sure your plugins are listed if you want it to be included in the I-build.
- Review the entries in  releng maps make sure your plugins/features are listed and has the proper label (v20041118).
- All plugins listed in feature.xml must have a corresponding entry in the map file. Please do not forget to check that all requirements of your plugins and their prerequired plugins are listed in build.cfg file. If not, let me know.

Please take care of the urls in maps/build.cfg file. It must be direct link to a zip file, and can be download without any redirections.
So use this link  junitFileBuildURL=
instead of  junitFileBuildURL=


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