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RE: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT? - validators

Yes Vijay ... my thoughts are that's its a good idea ... and as you do that, keep our other discussions in mind.  

We discussed what could be enhanced in base builders so they could accommodate validation directly and I recall you agreed to "sum up" and document what's really "new" in validators that isn't in builders (such as, can be called individually, programatically), called with "documents" in memory (not just resources), reused to allow source page validation as well as batch validation, various limits and preferences imposed, etc. I'd assume that would be the WST portion of the division and could, in theory, be provided by Eclipse base platform. Then, the next step is to ask the question of what would be "new" in that part of validators that pre-req JDT (which you're rightly proposing be in JST). It will be important to understand and document that design and api as well.

And ... I also want to say thanks to everyone contributing to this level of discussion. I hope it continues for all aspects and levels of WTP.


Vijay Bhadriraju/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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11/12/2004 02:04 PM

Please respond to

RE: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?

After looking at the responses on this subject, from the validation component side I suggest a splitting of plugins here as needed rather than moving the validation plugins with JDT dependency from WST to JST. We can have 2 flavor's where one flavor of the plugin is with JDT dependency and one without. The one with JDT dependency lives in JST    and the one without lives in WST.

Any thoughts about this idea?

- Vijay
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