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RE: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?

After looking at the responses on this subject, from the validation component side I suggest a splitting of plugins here as needed rather than moving the validation plugins with JDT dependency from WST to JST. We can have 2 flavor's where one flavor of the plugin is with JDT dependency and one without. The one with JDT dependency lives in JST    and the one without lives in WST.

Any thoughts about this idea?

- Vijay
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RE: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?

We need to be more specific than "no JDT requred by WST".  I am very interested in mapping XML/XSD/WSDL to/from Java and expect that JDT will be very useful here.  But it's important (to my use cases) that these features be available in an optional feature.  It should be possible to package up a set of features/plugins that provide XML/XSD editing and validation that runs on the core Eclipse platform, without JDT.
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Re: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?


I agree in principal. Any generic function should be moved into the platform. However, some tools may be generating Java, even in WST. Not all Java related function is in J2EE. For example, what about XSD to Java generators? They are not necessarliy in J2EE so they should be in WST. Or the reverse, generation of XML from Java. You might want to access a Java model or some function that is in JDT.

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