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RE: [wtp-dev] should WST have references to JDT?

I believe it's important for WST to be installable on the base platform
distribution without JDT.  Fernando cites the example of PHP developers.
But a significant use case that I want to support is XML document authors,
XSD designers, and (in fewer cases) WSDL designers.  Plus the validation
framework for all these structured documents.  For these users, the
"cognitive clutter" of unnecessary perspectives, views, and menus should be
removed.  Java development is not part of their role.

I completely understand the short-term need of reusing convenience utilities
from the JDT, but I think it's a mistake to design in a long-term
dependency.  Of course, some plug-ins will specifically support java or j2ee
activities with WST, but those plug-ins should be packaged as an optional

  Dave Carlson

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> Hi Nic,
> > I do not see any problems with WST referencing JDT, if it needs its 
> > functionality, since JDT is part of base platform.
> I don't think JDT is part of the base plataform. Should CDT 
> for example
> developers require Java suppport? Wasn't the reason there's 
> WST and JST
> supporting non-java web development and j2ee development 
> without bloat?
> I guess most if not all people interested on WST today are 
> j2ee developers.
> Maybe someone should invite PHP developers like ThruStudio 
> and PHPeclipse to
> joind so the project actually delivers a foundation for 
> generic web development.
> []s, Fernando Lozano
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