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[wtp-dev] WTP Component Name Usage Guildelines - common component


we have the following plugins under 'common' component currently in CVS:

      - common
            - org.eclipse.wst.contentmodel
            - org.eclipse.wst.encoding
            - org.eclipse.wst.ui
            - org.eclipse.wst.uriresolver
            - org.eclipse.wst.validation.core

According to package naming conventions, 'common' should follow 'wst',
however there is another opinion that in this special case of common code,
component name is not necessary.
I'd like to confirm that we don't want to relax the rule in this special

Best regards,

Ella Belisario
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory
8200 Warden Avenue
Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7
Tel:   905-413-5834     Fax:   905-413-4903

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