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Re: [wtp-dev] Tests

Jens, I assume you mean unit tests?
I think Naci's answered some of how and a little bit of when.

From our "editing" and "validation" functions, we (IBM) have around 1500 unit tests
to contribute. We didn't include them in initial contribution zip, just because that was always
intended as a quick snapshot in time, not *the* final contribution (well, ok, it was also because
we forgot).

Roughly half of that large number are rather repetitive encoding/decoding
content type detection sorts of tests for all sorts of input.

Roughly 400 are various scanning/parsing tests.

Roughly 400 validation tests (to be contributed by Craig Salter and team, I believe).

Plus, I believe, there's smaller number of tests for server tools, data bases, etc.

In general, I'd expect our team's tests to start appearing in cvs in 2 to 4 weeks
(though we are still working on exact plans to be reviewed by committers).

We also have some automated performance tests, but plan to move those to
the new Eclipse base automated performance framework, so will take (slightly) longer than
the simpler junit tests. [Plus, this reminds me, I'll have to talk to Naci about that, and make sure
build machines are set up for them! :) ]

Most (if not all) of our automated tests are "model based" ... that is, we don't really have
any that automatically open a workbench or editor, and try to verify some menu or
editor function.

Hope this answers your question (maybe over answers it? :)

Jens Lukowski <jens.lukowski@xxxxxx>
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10/18/2004 06:40 AM

Please respond to

[wtp-dev] Tests

David and others,

is there a plan when and how to contribute the tests to webtools ?

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