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[wtp-dev] POLL: 3.0 or 3.1

Please voice your opinions on the subject:

WTP release will be for Eclipse 3.1, so eventually we have to move to 3.1. The question not if but when.

3.0 Pros
- 3.0.x stream i stsable and beaing used in production - It will provide an immediate test bed since there are many installed.

3.0 Cons
- Delayed integration with 3.1, missing the potential to create requirements for 3.1 development steram

3.1 Pros
- Early and greadual integration with new Eclispe features

3.1 Cons
- Working with a changing code base.

My Suggestion is WTP 1.0M2 (Released Dec 15) should be based on Eclipse 3.1M3 (Released Nov5). Eclipse 3.1M4 is released two days after (Dec 17) so this creates a potential problem with immediately becoming outdated. Ideally we should lag Eclipse releases by a week or so, but December is problematic due to Holidays.
Naci Dai,
Managing Director

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