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RE: [wtp-dev] Customization of IBM's WTP Web Projects

Mr. Freeman-Benson,

First of all, sorry for sending this to the wrong list; that was my
fault. Furthermore, my apologies for asking a about the WTP release.
Although I did look through the archive I must have missed it. 

I was a bit confused about the newsgroup/mailing list. The link from the
IBM contribution page says:

  4.0 Provide Feedback to Us

  We encourage feed back on the wtp-dev mailing list. 
  You can subscribe to the list via this link.

Your implication that I'm asking for free support, not reading the
source code or unwilling to contribute to OSS is rude and unecessary. 

I will re-post to the newsgroup.


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Subject: RE: [wtp-dev] Customization of IBM's WTP Web Projects

Mr. Lipper,
The wtp-dev mailing list is for discussing developer issues of the Web
Tools Platform project(s).  User level questions belong in the
newsgroup.  Thank you.

> Is it possible to change the default directories of an IBM WTP dynamic

> web project from their default values of "JavaSource" and 
> "WebContent"?

That'd be a "how to use" question.  A similar developer level question
would be "I've looked through the source code at classes X and Y, but
cannot figure out which of them is where I would change the code to
change the default directories.  Perhaps someone could give me a hint so
that I could contribute the code patch for this useful feature?"

> Also, is there any documentation other than the HTML pages included in

> the download - e.g. there seems to be no built-in documentation of the

> IBM SDK itself?

That would also be a "how to use" question, eh?

> Finally, if the IBM SDK does not allow customization of source code
> layout: does the Lomboz distro? Or is the source in WTP's CVS stable 
> enough for development?

Those two user level question could be easily answered by:
(a) You trying out, or reading the source code to, the ObjectWeb
contribution, and
(b) Reading yesterday's newsgroup posting wherein you will see that
there is no official WTP release yet.

Thanks for helping us with valuable contributions rather than just
asking for free support, Bjorn

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