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Re: [wtp-dev] Customization of IBM's WTP Web Projects

And there's more on my list:

The <ProjectName>.xml file that is deployed to <tomcat_home>/conf/Catalina/localhost does not seem to have any configuration dialog to set the Tomcat context path other than at the initial creation of the project. It is also putting a space in the docBase WebContent folder: "<ProjectName>/Web Content" in seven projects I created, which is causing the run to fail.



Is it possible to change the default directories of an IBM WTP dynamic
web project from their default values of "JavaSource" and "WebContent"?
I can refactor move/rename the defaults using the standard Eclipse
mechanisms, but this seems to break some of the deployment/server tools
like the Tomcat plugin.

Also, is there any documentation other than the HTML pages included in
the download - e.g. there seems to be no built-in documentation of the
IBM SDK itself?

Finally, if the IBM SDK does not allow customization of source code
layout: does the Lomboz distro? Or is the source in WTP's CVS stable
enough for development?



Matthew Lipper

Citywide Geographic Information Systems
59 Maiden Lane, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10038

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