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RE: [wtp-dev] Customization of IBM's WTP Web Projects

> I was a bit confused about the newsgroup/mailing list. 

> I also have did not see any public statement that, "wtp-dev mailing list 
> is for discussing developer issues of the WebTools Platform project(s)".  
> If this is indeed the case, the it should be posted as such at... 
> Otherwise your comments appear to me to be without foundation.  

When you joined the list, you saw this paragraph on this page:
"This is a mailing list for the discussion of the Eclipse Web Tools general
development issues. Proposals for changes in any of the Web Tools API should
be advertised in this list. While this list is open to the public, it is
intended for discussions related to the implementation of the Web Tools

So when I see:
>> Is it possible to change the default directories ...
It does not appear to be a "development issue" or a "discussion of
implementation". My apologies if I'm wrong and that the question actually
was about implementation.

> Your implication that I'm asking for free support, not 
> reading the source code or unwilling to contribute to OSS is 
> rude and unnecessary. 

It might have been rude (I'm willing to apologize for that), but it wasn't
unnecessary - we need to keep this list focused so that we can keep this
project focused so that we can deliver WTP sooner so that people can use the
tools and build on top of the frameworks.  To that end, we need people on
this list to be reading the source code, writing validated bugzilla entries,
and contributing to the project.  People who do not want to step up to that
commitment are welcome to read the list, but should post their questions to
the newsgroup - there are many talented people on the newsgroup who are
willing, eager, and knowledgeable about the user issues.

- Bjorn

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