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[wtp-dev] j2ee ant tasks in ibm contribution

after moving an existing j2ee project from wsad to eclipse 3 I tried
using the eclipse j2ee ant tasks from ibm contribution.
The earExport and warExport tasks worked fine in WSAD and I was happy
to see them in wtp now, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make them

j2ee ant tasks are correctly registered in
preferences->ant->runtime->task page, but trying to run them from an
ant build ends in a "Could not create task or type of type:
earExport." error.

I also tried registering the task in the and script using taskdef, but
I initially got a couple of "A class needed by class cannot be found" error. I figured
out the missing dependencies from eclipse and the class not found
errors disappeared adding core.runtime, core.resources and osgi plugin
jars to the ant classpath.

Unluckily, no more "class not found", but a NullPointerException (no
stack, no details) during earExport task execution.

I guess this problem can be related to the move from and 1.5 to ant
1.6, which uses a different classloader?
Does anybody have any tip on make these ant tasks working? Are j2ee
ant tasks expected to be mantained or they could be dropped in the wtp


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