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Re: [wtp-dev] Enhanced Properties View

Gunnar, I actually don't have a lot of interest in it myself :), but I can give a couple words of advice and encouragement on how you can best proceed contributing ... first, why not as a first step, improve it as part of webtooling project? I say this since you will want to be sure and maintain compatibility with how its used there (at least roughly compatible, with "migration instructions" for anyone currently using it in webtooling project). Second, once you've improved it there, be sure to have a well stated motivation for including it in the base --- you know, not just that its so cool, but that xyz base component could use it for abc (and maybe even do that bit of integration too). [Not to mention specs, unit tests, etc.]

I'd predict that as time goes on, what's "the base" and what's not "the base" will undergo some re-definition, so ultimately, the more "self standing" and "easy to integrate" you can make it the better.

So, please take this for what free advice cost :)  ... oh, and most important, have fun doing it :)

"Gunnar Wagenknecht" <G.Wagenknecht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: wtp-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

07/27/2004 01:32 AM

Please respond to

[wtp-dev] Enhanced Properties View


I'm planning an enhanced Properties view as contribution to It should be based on the new forms UI. I found an already working implementation in the intial IBM code contribution to the wtp.

Now I'm looking for anybody with specific interest in this view. I'd like to improve it and I'd like to see it integrated into the Eclipse Platform. Any input/discussions/interest?

Cu, Gunnar

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