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Re: [wildwebdeveloper-dev] Extend JS editor

Hi Christian,

for the implementation of a new content assist for the generic editor.

Best regards, Lars

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 3:40 PM Christian Pontesegger
<christian.pontesegger@xxxxxx> wrote:
> > If the language server doesn't allow it, then there is no solution;
> > and Wild Web Developer doesn't plan to become a framework for custom
> > JS editors, so I don't think you should expect such filtering
> > capability to be provided by Wild Web Developer.
> The Wild Web Developer JS editor seems to be the dropin replacement for
> the editor from JSDT. If it does not support Rhino/Nashorn, do you know
> of any other editor, who does?
> > > 2) Add custom completions
> > Adding completion proposals can be achieved via extensions to the
> > Generic Editor, which is used by Wild Web Developer.
> I see the o.e.wildwebdeveloper plugin adding extensions for
> * tm4e.languageConfiguration
> * tm4e.registry.grammars
> * tm4e.ui.snippets
> * content types and icons
> Could you point me to the location where you add an extension for code
> completions?
> Further I tried to add another lsp4e.languageServer extension, binding
> it to the contentType of o.e.wildwebdeveloper.js, hoping that both
> language servers would be used and results would be combined.
> But either I did something wrong or that feature is not supported.
> Do you know where to ask for support here? Not sure if
> genericeditor, lsp4e, tm4e are separate projects or how they act
> together.
> thanks
> Christian
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