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[wildwebdeveloper-dev] Extend JS editor

Hi devs,

since the old js editor from JSDT got removed in 2020-06 I am looking
for an alternative solution for EASE [1] developers. So I had a closer
look at WildWebDeveloper and its support for js files using LSP.

EASE users do want to write scripts for the Rhino js engine and do
expect an editor adapted to their needs. The default WW js editor does
support modern js, but would need some tweaking. Now I look for ways to

1) Get rid of completions not available on Rhino

A lot of default completions presented are not available in Rhino, eg
things like AbortController, ActiveXObject, Animation, Audio, ...

How could I suppress such completions?

2) Add custom completions

Rhino allows to interact with Java classes, so I would like to add
completions to available packages and classes. This would require a
dynamic lookup done in Java. JSDT had extension points for code
completions. What would be the recommended way to achieve the same goal
in wild web developer?

3) EASE modules

EASE provides a custom way of loading script libraries. Is there a way
to add elements to the outline view?



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