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Re: [wildwebdeveloper-dev] Extend JS editor

> If the language server doesn't allow it, then there is no solution;
> and Wild Web Developer doesn't plan to become a framework for custom
> JS editors, so I don't think you should expect such filtering
> capability to be provided by Wild Web Developer.

The Wild Web Developer JS editor seems to be the dropin replacement for
the editor from JSDT. If it does not support Rhino/Nashorn, do you know
of any other editor, who does?

> > 2) Add custom completions
> Adding completion proposals can be achieved via extensions to the
> Generic Editor, which is used by Wild Web Developer.

I see the o.e.wildwebdeveloper plugin adding extensions for
* tm4e.languageConfiguration
* tm4e.registry.grammars
* tm4e.ui.snippets
* content types and icons

Could you point me to the location where you add an extension for code

Further I tried to add another lsp4e.languageServer extension, binding
it to the contentType of o.e.wildwebdeveloper.js, hoping that both
language servers would be used and results would be combined.
But either I did something wrong or that feature is not supported.

Do you know where to ask for support here? Not sure if
genericeditor, lsp4e, tm4e are separate projects or how they act


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