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Re: [tycho-user] Using Github-Discussions?

I don't think there is a need to transfer old data, we can just use it for new discussions/questions.

I think we can still use the mailingslist for announcements (e.g. new releases) and if there are questions/topics we better use a discussion for we can redirect people to github as we already do when a bug/problem is reported via mailinglist.

Am 16.08.21 um 08:39 schrieb Hannes Wellmann:
This sounds like a interesting opportunity.
Do you want to establish the discussions-forum as an additional channel of communication or as a replacement? I think, if we decide to use the forum, in the medium term it should be a replacement and the mailing-lists should be closed. Otherwise people could be confused where to look/ask for help and additional information. Furthermore a forum offers the opportunity to moderate it, so for example duplicated topics could be removed in order to keep it clean. Tycho already has an Eclipse forum, but that was closed in 2017 (I don't know the reasons). Do you know if there is a tool to migrate a mailing list thread into a corresponding discussions/forum thread? The advantage of the GitHub forum is in my opinion, that it is very close to the code and just one tab away when you are at Tycho's github page. So one can find it easily even when you are new to Tycho and Eclipse. With that being said, we could also consider to use the GitHub wiki page and transfer the content of the Eclipse wiki. Is this allowed/encouraged by EF? Then all the information and communication channels regarding Tycho could be found on its github page.
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*Betreff:* [tycho-user] Using Github-Discussions?
I found that using github+gihub issues already have brought some value
to the tycho project as it is more clear how/where to report issues and
contribute changes.

One relative new feature in github are github-discussions [1]

"Community members can ask and answer questions, share updates, have
open-ended conversations, and follow along on decisions affecting the
community's way of working."

As this does not require any additional registration, I think this would
be a great alternative to the current mailing-list, as it is more
obvious for people where to ask (or find already answered questions) or
start discussions about how things are supposed to work.

I think the quickstart gives a good overview whats possible with that
feature, so I'd like to encourage everyone to take a short look and give
some feedback if we might want to try out this feature.

[1] <>
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