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Re: [tycho-user] Using Github-Discussions?

It would be a real shame not to use GH if migration is not possible (which I think is probably the case).

As long as the mailing list has an accessible archive (which it does) users can search the archive for old content.

On 16/08/2021 07:59, Ed Willink wrote:


On 16/08/2021 07:39, Hannes Wellmann wrote:
Do you know if there is a tool to migrate a mailing list thread into a corresponding discussions/forum thread?

Eclipse has had a major problem with its forums / mailing lists ever since NNTP went out of fashion [1] / became flaky [2], consequently a replacement is long overdue for all Eclipse user channels, not just Tycho.

IMHO a replacement must preserve existing content so that users can search for similar experiences. We cannot just start again.

So given a good migration, I strongly encourage this. Without an adequate migration, I strongly oppose.

I also oppose piecemeal migrations since they undermine inter-project searches / bug migration.

Perhaps the need to migrate all, rather than just Tycho, channels may motivate some here to solve the migration issue.


        Ed Willink




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