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Re: [tycho-user] Produce artifacts consumable by Maven and Tycho

Hi Michael,


Thank you for the advice. We are using the p2-maven-plugin for some of our dependencies.


I have been trying out the features of Tycho 2.2 and the new m2e PDE plugin.  Under the hood they do what the p2-maven-plugin does, but integrate better between the maven and eclipse (build-)tooling as far as I can tell so far.


Best regards,




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If you can’t or don’t want to use the new m2e and Tycho tooling, then might be an alternative. I use that to consume a 3 digit number of maven libraries in Eclipse. And this integrates completely with TPD files or Oomph targlets, where the new m2e tooling doesn’t fit, as far as I can tell.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Michael Keppler

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Betreff: [tycho-user] Produce artifacts consumable by Maven and Tycho




what is the current best practice to build common artifacts that are used in both Maven and Tycho builds?



Here is a scenario (all listed modules are build inhouse, except the one called 3rd-Party):


Let’s call the following modules our “core-utils”:

- Module1 (depends on)

    -- Module2

    -- Module3 (depends on)

            --- 3rd-Party

    -- Module4


Module1 – Module4 (“core-utils”) are all required in our Tycho RCP Build and in our Maven Builds (non-eclipse):

-  tycho-rcp-build (depends on)

    -- Module1

    -- Module2

    -- Module3

    -- Module4

- maven-builds (depend on)

    -- Module1

    -- Module2

    -- Module3

    -- Module4



And now the big price question:

Which should be the leading build-system for these “core-utils” – Tycho or Maven?

Additional info: we have way more tycho rcp bundles than plain maven artifacts.



There are two options:


Option-1: Build maven-artifacts with maven

- build and install to maven repo

- Maven builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort

- Tycho builds: use on-the-fly conversion to Tycho/osgi artifact

    --  Tycho tooling for this is implemented in tycho v.2.2

    -- Alternative: something like maven-bnd-plugin

    --  Consume converted artifacts in tycho build


Option-2: Build tycho artifacts

- build tycho artifacts but store artifacts in Maven style repo or use some other mechanisms to make the artifacts consumable from maven builds

    --  I know that the b3aggretor has this capability when mirroring P2-Repos. See

    -- Has Tycho this feature too?

    -- Alternative: for example something like this:

- Tycho Builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort

- Maven-Builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort (because the repo is structured like a maven repo, but also has p2 metainformation)



1. Which way is preferable /  which should be the leading build system for these “core-utils”?

2. Is there any downside to one of the approaches, I’m maybe missing?



Best regards,







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