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Re: [tycho-user] Produce artifacts consumable by Maven and Tycho

I did try using the new Tycho feature for importing OSGi bundles from a plain Maven repository. Unfortunately it is not practically usable for a lot of use-cases at the moment because the Maven repository location cannot be configured in the POM:

This means you cannot consume artifacts from a hosted corporate repository such as Nexus or Artifactory, but only from Maven's "built-in" repositories such as Maven Central. Open source projects may be able to publish all their artifacts to Maven Central but this will not be the case for most commercial projects.


On Mon, 22 Feb 2021 at 10:11, Ahmet Bilgin <a.bilgin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Michael,


Thank you for the advice. We are using the p2-maven-plugin for some of our dependencies.


I have been trying out the features of Tycho 2.2 and the new m2e PDE plugin.  Under the hood they do what the p2-maven-plugin does, but integrate better between the maven and eclipse (build-)tooling as far as I can tell so far.


Best regards,




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If you can’t or don’t want to use the new m2e and Tycho tooling, then might be an alternative. I use that to consume a 3 digit number of maven libraries in Eclipse. And this integrates completely with TPD files or Oomph targlets, where the new m2e tooling doesn’t fit, as far as I can tell.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

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Betreff: [tycho-user] Produce artifacts consumable by Maven and Tycho




what is the current best practice to build common artifacts that are used in both Maven and Tycho builds?



Here is a scenario (all listed modules are build inhouse, except the one called 3rd-Party):


Let’s call the following modules our “core-utils”:

- Module1 (depends on)

    -- Module2

    -- Module3 (depends on)

            --- 3rd-Party

    -- Module4


Module1 – Module4 (“core-utils”) are all required in our Tycho RCP Build and in our Maven Builds (non-eclipse):

-  tycho-rcp-build (depends on)

    -- Module1

    -- Module2

    -- Module3

    -- Module4

- maven-builds (depend on)

    -- Module1

    -- Module2

    -- Module3

    -- Module4



And now the big price question:

Which should be the leading build-system for these “core-utils” – Tycho or Maven?

Additional info: we have way more tycho rcp bundles than plain maven artifacts.



There are two options:


Option-1: Build maven-artifacts with maven

- build and install to maven repo

- Maven builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort

- Tycho builds: use on-the-fly conversion to Tycho/osgi artifact

    --  Tycho tooling for this is implemented in tycho v.2.2

    -- Alternative: something like maven-bnd-plugin

    --  Consume converted artifacts in tycho build


Option-2: Build tycho artifacts

- build tycho artifacts but store artifacts in Maven style repo or use some other mechanisms to make the artifacts consumable from maven builds

    --  I know that the b3aggretor has this capability when mirroring P2-Repos. See

    -- Has Tycho this feature too?

    -- Alternative: for example something like this:

- Tycho Builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort

- Maven-Builds: can consume the artifacts without additional effort (because the repo is structured like a maven repo, but also has p2 metainformation)



1. Which way is preferable /  which should be the leading build system for these “core-utils”?

2. Is there any downside to one of the approaches, I’m maybe missing?



Best regards,







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