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[tycho-user] Module related errors

Hello all,

after upgrading to Tycho 1.7.0 all my builds still worked except one.

I receive many errors like:

> The package javax.xml.parsers is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml
The package org.w3c.dom is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml

I read some threads about these error messages and the common approach to find the dependency contributing the redundant packages are based on "Open type -> org.w3c.dom." and investigate the list shown for that wildcard pattern.

However, the bundles are built fine within Eclipse and the product starts. And the list does not show any classes which are not contributed by Java 11 (within Eclipse). The error only occurs when using Maven/Tycho during CI.

Any pointers where to look at / how to solve this regression?



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