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Re: [tycho-user] Shared target platform for multiple projects

Do you encounter any problem with option a? If not just go for it :-)

Just keep in mind that target artifacts a little bit "special" as only the target file itself is deployed, so if later the repositories inside the target go away or change you will get (or not get in cas its gone) the artifacts as they where present at deploy time.

For that reason in a setup of mine I use an "option c":

From the original targetplatform is an updatesite created that inlcudes all features of interest and this is then deployed on a central server. Other projects simply reference this (single) update-site in their targets, this has also the advantage that projects can add other updatesites if they want without the need to add them to the "global default" one.

In your subprojects you then can even go without any target-platform at all and add the updatesite as a repository directly in the pom.xml

Am 29.01.20 um 14:05 schrieb Felix Dorner:
We have several subprojects that all rely on a single common targetplatform. Each subproject is in a separate git repo and the .target/.targetplatform files are yes, you guessed it: copied around. I'm trying to find a good solution to factor this out.

a) AFAIU, the tycho-way is to put the target definition in an eclipse-target-definition artifact, and reference that artifact in the build, and the .target file is then resolved via standard maven mechanisms.. So I am thinking of deploying the .target artifacts to a maven repo that is accessible from the CI environment. Is that the way to go?

b) Alternatively, I could make the .target file available to the build by downloading it manually from some shared location and use the <qualifier> tag to reference it in the tycho target platform configuration.

I definitely favour a), but I never went beyond maven install, never deployed anything to a real repo, and have no clue about the problems such an approach would bring.

Thanks for any comments,

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