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[tycho-user] Shared target platform for multiple projects

We have several subprojects that all rely on a single common targetplatform. Each subproject is in a separate git repo and the .target/.targetplatform files are yes, you guessed it: copied around. I'm trying to find a good solution to factor this out. 

a) AFAIU, the tycho-way is to put the target definition in an eclipse-target-definition artifact, and reference that artifact in the build, and the .target file is then resolved via standard maven mechanisms.. So I am thinking of deploying the .target artifacts to a maven repo that is accessible from the CI environment. Is that the way to go?

b) Alternatively, I could make the .target file available to the build by downloading it manually from some shared location and use the <qualifier> tag to reference it in the tycho target platform configuration. 

I definitely favour a), but I never went beyond maven install, never deployed anything to a real repo, and have no clue about the problems such an approach would bring. 

Thanks for any comments,

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