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[tycho-user] Error with swt when building a plugin since Eclipse 2018-12


I use Maven/Tycho to build Eclipse plugins.

My pom.xml file points to an Eclipse release repository (with a p2 layout property).

I have a problem with a specific plugin which is based on the EMF generated editor. If pom.xml points to the Oxygen, Photon or 2018-09 release repository, all is fine. But with 2018-12 or 2019-03, I have compilation errors. All these errors are about missing types that are defined by org.eclipse.swt (Composite, Shell...).

I understand that this may not be a tycho problem, but there are no compilation error within Eclipse, so I decided to try this tycho-user list.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Dominique Marcadet

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