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[tycho-user] Questions about baseline check

In our Tycho build product, (JBoss Tools) we used the baseline check but I noticed that as soon as a new release is out, the check always failed.
I finally noticed that the default comparator is doing a single byte per byte comparison which is wrong when you build with Tycho as the META-INF/maven will stored some headers added by Tycho that will cause the check to fail (date is here).
So I change the comparator to be zip which improved the situation has plugins are not ok.
But I'm now facing some errors with features and found out the issue: the file in error is the feature.xml and the error is that if you reference plugins in it, then the dowload size is computed and if the plugin is in the reactor then the size may be different because Tycho generated the plugin JAR.

Any idea on how to fix this? Or any feedback ?


"Legacy code" often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling.
 - Bjarne Stroustrup

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