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Re: [tycho-user] how is orbit generated?

Ok after some more testing i think i got something working

in the pom file you have the default mvn dependencies 
(and stuff that we have patched i need to push to our own mvn repo)

I also need to push our few special features that we have in our p2 directory (so that was the default folder with plugins and features sub dirs)

Problem is the features, pushing that to mvn correctly is quite annoying because of the need for the p2artifacts and p2metadata xml files (that i need to generate by hand, by copying it from that artficacts.xml and content.xml that i created with the publish-features-and-bundles goal)

I would love that this would be a bit easier and not that much work... ;)
Like be able to run something of tycho-extra on it that pushes al the features and plugins to my local repo (with all the right files generated). I can then copy those to a external mvn repo of the one that we need it for
That tycho plugin could even generate the category,xml that is then representing that features/plugins folder...
(and even add dependencies to a pom file itself....)

On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 at 12:09, Johan Compagner <jcompagner@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
thx, but i don't think (At least as far as i understand now) a category,xml will work
Because that results for me in a "chicken and egg" problem

Because category.xml wants to have the featuers (and i guess also plugins/bundles) to be found by tycho.. (so it should already be a p2 site or in the local repo?)

But that's just it.. I don't have that..

i just have 


where xxx are just a bunch of feature jars and yyy are just a bunch of plugin bundle jars that could belong to a feature or are just a standalone bundle that i downloaded for example from mvn central to use in our product

and i want to generate a site from that that works under tycho (i can already do that by using the publish-features-and-bundles_goal ) 
But that also works from a target file (so i have just the same thing that i use in our build street and in our eclipse

This seems to be kind of impossible todo, or i must be missing something

On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 18:57, Roland Grunberg <rgrunber@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, 2019-01-11 at 17:28 +0100, Johan Compagner wrote:
> Hi,
> i know tycho has:
> that just runs that eclipse application to make the artifact.jar/content.jar
> That works in tycho
> problem is that by default i have some features in that dir but also just a bunch of jars
> but if you use a .target file and the a site it will not see the jars (that are not in a feature)
> but if i would use a folder on disk it does see them
> This is quite annoying that difference in behavior
> Als tycho sees all the jars also just fine when building. So i am not so why the file is so picky when it comes to a site (you also really have to select a feature instead of just adding the url)
> So i wonder how other people do this or how Orbit is created. Is that really 1 big feature where manually if a jar is added an entry is added to it?
> What is the best way to just handle a jar (from apache.commons or what ever)
> I would rather maybe have that i could just use plain maven, but the product that we then build needs to include ofcourse all the jars (so also get the jars from maven repo instead of a p2 repo)

In Orbit we actually call tycho-p2-plugin:p2-metadata on the modules in
the 'package' phase after we've generated the jars. Since the modules
creating these bundles have their own project type (and lifecycle to go
with it), we add the type to 'supportedProjectTypes'. To generate the
repository we use a category.xml with expressions similar to :

Roland Grunberg

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