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[tycho-user] how is orbit generated?


i know tycho has:

that just runs that eclipse application to make the artifact.jar/content.jar
That works in tycho
problem is that by default i have some features in that dir but also just a bunch of jars
but if you use a .target file and the a site it will not see the jars (that are not in a feature)
but if i would use a folder on disk it does see them
This is quite annoying that difference in behavior

Als tycho sees all the jars also just fine when building. So i am not so why the file is so picky when it comes to a site (you also really have to select a feature instead of just adding the url)

So i wonder how other people do this or how Orbit is created. Is that really 1 big feature where manually if a jar is added an entry is added to it?

What is the best way to just handle a jar (from apache.commons or what ever)

I would rather maybe have that i could just use plain maven, but the product that we then build needs to include ofcourse all the jars (so also get the jars from maven repo instead of a p2 repo)

Johan Compagner

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