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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho RCP starting point

> Let me break it down:
> 1. Do I start from eclipse with a wizard or is there a maven
> archetype?

Not sure about the archetype, but I prefer using the eclipse wizards.
They have reasonable defaults for everything

> 2. Is there a Tycho installation for eclipse?

Regarding tycho I got some tutorials online, which should help you to
get going:

Despite their age they are still up to date and several projects at
eclipse are built this way.

> 3. What are the steps to create an RCP Tycho project and run it?

Start with eclipse Plug-In projects and then manually provide maven
files around them. Everything is explained in the tutorials :)

> 4. Do I run the RCP app from eclipse or from maven or other?
> 5. How do I use Tycho to do an "Export" ?

see 2.


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