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Re: [tycho-user] aggregate reports or introduce a 'suite' on the fly?


On 2018-03-12 17:14, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

I'm running several junit plug-in tests via tycho-surefire and get a separate junit xml file out of that for each test class that the surefire plugin found. So each file has a testsuite named after the class and a testcase named after the corresponding method.

I'm looking into a way to have these 'grouped' or 'aggregated' such that the reports are all having a common 'root' testsuite that corresponds to the test plug-in. It does not really matter if the report files are aggregated into a single one or each xml report file just has another
testsuite-element wrapping the current content.

Does anybody here know a way to do this with tycho-surefire? Having a dedicated testsuite-class per plug-in with a fixed list of all test classes is not really an option, I've had that in the past and new classes where always forgotten to be added there. I found some hints that it might be possible to have the list of test-classes of a junit testsuite class generated during runtime, but I'd like to avoid stepping into
the reflection api for this if possible.

For the sake of archiving: I ended up using the xml-maven-plugin and an XSLT stylesheet to adjust the 'name' attribute of the toplevel testsuite element in the xml files to the 'group' name, such that all of the xml files in the test-plugin have the same testsuite name. That turned out to be sufficient for the application analyzing and rendering the results from the junit reports.


Andreas Pakulat squish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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