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[tycho-user] aggregate reports or introduce a 'suite' on the fly?


I'm running several junit plug-in tests via tycho-surefire and get a separate junit xml file out of that for each test class that the surefire plugin found. So each file has a testsuite named after the class and a testcase named after the corresponding method.

I'm looking into a way to have these 'grouped' or 'aggregated' such that the reports are all having a common 'root' testsuite that corresponds to the test plug-in. It does not really matter if the report files are aggregated into a single one or each xml report file just has another testsuite-element wrapping the current content.

Does anybody here know a way to do this with tycho-surefire? Having a dedicated testsuite-class per plug-in with a fixed list of all test classes is not really an option, I've had that in the past and new classes where always forgotten to be added there. I found some hints that it might be possible to have the list of test-classes of a junit testsuite class generated during runtime, but I'd like to avoid stepping into the reflection api for this if possible.


Andreas Pakulat squish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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