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[tycho-user] How to incorporate different OS fragment tests in a Tycho build?

Hi all,

We have a situation where we have test fragments that are OS dependent, due to different native Windows/Mac WatchService implementations.

We build our RCP product on MacOS so of course tests are run on the same which is fine when there’s no native code involved.

Now I imagine this isn’t an uncommon scenario so is there a standard way to approach this? I doubt there’s a magic Tycho feature that deals with this :)

We’ve a chain of other Jenkins jobs using the output of the Tycho build, so the most basic solution I can think of would be to add another job in the chain and have the Tycho build run again on a Windows node. Not pretty..

How have you solved this issue? If there’s any public CIs showing a best-practice approach a link would be very welcome!

Many thanks,

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