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Re: [tycho-user] How to incorporate different OS fragment tests in a Tycho build?

We have the same issue and it's been on my TODO list for a while to figure out a better solution.  All we do now is have separate Jenkins jobs that do the Tycho build and tests runs on each host OS.  But it does the build for all platforms, each job could potentially be getting a different snapshot of the sources, etc.  What we did before Tycho using PDE was build everything on Linux into a p2 repo.  Then we had a job on each platform that would use p2 director to install the product + test plugins and run them.  Those were basically Jenkins sub-jobs of the main parent job that did the build.  If all of the tests passed then the parent job would publish the product archives for each host along with the p2 repo for the update site.

How are others handling this?


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 10:29 AM, Justin Dolezy <justin.dolezy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

We have a situation where we have test fragments that are OS dependent, due to different native Windows/Mac WatchService implementations.

We build our RCP product on MacOS so of course tests are run on the same which is fine when there’s no native code involved.

Now I imagine this isn’t an uncommon scenario so is there a standard way to approach this? I doubt there’s a magic Tycho feature that deals with this :)

We’ve a chain of other Jenkins jobs using the output of the Tycho build, so the most basic solution I can think of would be to add another job in the chain and have the Tycho build run again on a Windows node. Not pretty..

How have you solved this issue? If there’s any public CIs showing a best-practice approach a link would be very welcome!

Many thanks,

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