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Re: [tycho-user] Build plugin and source-plugin from pre-built jar's and source folder


I think I did what you want in my project using the Eclipse-SourceBundle 
instruction in the manifest of the source plugin.

I bundled my jar in a plugin org.pluginId, declaring 2 jar (jar1.jar et 
jar2.jar) in Bundle-ClassPath of Manifest and exposing it using 
Export-Package. I also used the Eclipse-BundleShape: dir instruction (don't 
know if it was necessary).
I bundled the sources in another plugin and I used the Eclipse-SourceBundle: 
org.pluginId;version="1.0.0";roots:=" jar1, jar2". I also used the 
Eclipse-BundleShape: dir instruction (don't know if it was necessary).
I bundled all in a feature and update site which works perfectly.


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and source folder


just after sending that mail I realized I did not yet try to unpack the jar 
file into my plugin.
It turns out that does work - but really only when putting the 
packages/classes at the root of the plugin. It does not work to keep things 
in a subfolder and use the Bundle-ClassPath option in the manifest - the 
resulting plugin will not expose the classes it appears (dependent plugins 
show compile errors for those classes loaded from the 

Thats going to get a bit messy when wanting to update the thirdparty jars or 
even just when a given thirdparty dependency consists of multiple jars.


On 2017-08-10 12:05, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for that idea. I did not see a particular reason to keep the
> sources packed, so I simply went with unpacked sources in a srcroot
> folder in the plugin project that also carries the (packed) jar.
> Unfortunately the resulting source bundle is not being used by Eclipse
> when using these bundles as part of the target platform.
> I'm attaching a small sample project showing what I've tried. It
> carries a plugin with the jar file and a srcroot folder thats being
> added to the source bundle (I stripped the sources down to reduce the
> size). In addition a feature and p2 repository are created so the
> plugins can be used in a target platform definition. I've added that
> repository into my target platform and as a dependency of a plugin. I
> can now use code like
> import org.restlet.resource.ClientResource;
> ClientResource resource = new ClientResource( URI.create("") );
> but I cannot jump to the code of the ClientResource class in Eclipse.
> Anybody can spot where I'm misunderstanding how this should work?
> Andreas
> On 2017-08-10 10:54, Henrik Steudel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this is a working approach for us:
>> We assume that source archives are packaged as either zip or jar in a
>> folder "lib-src" (${lib.src.folder}) located beneath the bundle root.
>> If such a folder exists, a profile gets activated:
>>  	*  The source archives are unzipped into a surrogate "srcroot"
>> (${src.root.folder}) folder by an ANT script.
>>  	*  The standard source bundle plugin settings are extended to
>> include this surrogate folder as additional sources.
>>  Then you will get a ordinary source bundle which looks and feels
>> just like your own source bundles.
>> Hints: You need to make sure that the source archive contains the
>> sources at the archive's root level, i.e. the package folders need to
>> start at root. I had to manually change some archives to adhere to
>> this structure.
>> Also, the below definition excludes archives with an "all" part which
>> are often containing a lot of non-source-related files.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Kind regards
>> Henrik
>> Maven Parent POM:
>> <properties>
>>         <!--folder name to extract ext sources from -->
>>         <lib.src.folder>lib-src</lib.src.folder>
>>         <src.root.folder>srcroot</src.root.folder>
>> </properties>
>>     <profile>
>>             <id>unzip-src</id>
>>               <activation>
>>                 <file>
>>                     <exists>${lib.src.folder}</exists>
>>                 </file>
>>               </activation>
>>             <build>
>> <plugins>
>>                     <plugin>
>>                         <artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId>
>>                         <version>1.8</version>
>>                         <executions>
>>                             <execution>
>>                                 <phase>generate-sources</phase>
>>                                 <configuration>
>>                                     <failOnError>true</failOnError>
>>                                     <target>
>>                                         <echo message="Preparing
>> source bundle creation for plugin." />
>>                                         <unzip
>> dest="${basedir}/${src.root.folder}" overwrite="false">
>>                                             <fileset
>> dir="${basedir}/${lib.src.folder}">
>>                                                 <include name="**/*.jar" 
>> />
>>                                                 <include name="**/*.zip" 
>> />
>>                                                 <exclude
>> name="**/*javadoc*" />
>>                                                 <!--a 'all' part in
>> archive name  indicates that this archive contains more than sources, 
>> e.g.
>> testdata, compiled binaries. -->
>>                                                 <exclude name="**/*all*" 
>> />
>>                                             </fileset>
>>                                         </unzip>
>>                                      </target>
>>                                 </configuration>
>>                                 <goals>
>>                                     <goal>run</goal>
>>                                 </goals>
>>                             </execution>
>>                         </executions>
>>                     </plugin>
>>                     <plugin>
>>                         <groupId>org.eclipse.tycho</groupId>
>>                         <artifactId>tycho-source-plugin</artifactId>
>>                         <version>${tycho-version}</version>
>>                         <configuration>
>>                             <additionalFileSets>
>>                                 <fileSet>
>> <directory>${project.basedir}/${src.root.folder}/</directory>
>>                                     <includes>
>>                                         <include>**/*</include>
>>                                     </includes>
>>                                 </fileSet>
>>                             </additionalFileSets>
>>                         </configuration>
>>                     </plugin>
>>                 </plugins>
>>             </build>
>> </profile>
>> Am 09.08.2017 um 16:51 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm including a thirdparty jar file in my Eclipse plugin. Currently
>>> I'm doing this by simply copying the jar into the plugin and adding
>>> it as a Runtime class path entry in the plugin meta information.
>>> This works fine, but the jar lacks source code, so stepping into
>>> that code is not possible. I do have the source code though and I
>>> can manually connect the jar with the local directory on disk. This
>>> however stores a local path in the plugin project which is not
>>> really a good idea on a shared project. The alternative of using a
>>> workspace path would work, but require that I also place the source
>>> code into the plugin and version control it which I find a little ugly.
>>> I thought I could leverage the Eclipse source bundle support to let
>>> Tycho build an eclipse plugin carrying the jar's and generate a
>>> source bundle that carries the source code and allows Eclipse to
>>> make the connection between class file and source 'automatically'.
>>> Essentially I had an eclipse plugin which referrenced the jar files
>>> via bin.includes and the source directories via src.includes. Then
>>> used tycho-source-plugin to get a source plugin built out of that
>>> and assembled a feature and p2 repository carrying both. However
>>> this did not work out, Eclipse was not able to figure out the
>>> correct place of the sources.
>>> Looking at the generated source plugin and some reading led me to
>>> believe that the EclipseSourceBundle entry would require some
>>> different values for the root=. part. This in turn let me find this
>>> old thread
>>> which 
>>> suggests this is not possible at the moment.
>>> Is that still correct or am I overlooking something?
>>> Andreas
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