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[tycho-user] Build plugin and source-plugin from pre-built jar's and source folder


I'm including a thirdparty jar file in my Eclipse plugin. Currently I'm doing this by simply copying the jar into the plugin and adding it as a Runtime class path entry in the plugin meta information. This works fine, but the jar lacks source code, so stepping into that code is not possible. I do have the source code though and I can manually connect the jar with the local directory on disk. This however stores a local path in the plugin project which is not really a good idea on a shared project. The alternative of using a workspace path would work, but require that I also place the source code into the plugin and version control it which I find a little ugly.

I thought I could leverage the Eclipse source bundle support to let Tycho build an eclipse plugin carrying the jar's and generate a source bundle that carries the source code and allows Eclipse to make the connection between class file and source 'automatically'.

Essentially I had an eclipse plugin which referrenced the jar files via bin.includes and the source directories via src.includes. Then used tycho-source-plugin to get a source plugin built out of that and assembled a feature and p2 repository carrying both. However this did not work out, Eclipse was not able to figure out the correct place of the sources.

Looking at the generated source plugin and some reading led me to believe that the EclipseSourceBundle entry would require some different values for the root=. part. This in turn let me find this old thread which suggests this is not possible at the moment.

Is that still correct or am I overlooking something?


Andreas Pakulat squish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
froglogic GmbH - Automated UI and Web Testing

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