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Re: [tycho-user] Shared target plaform for many independant module

not entirely sure if I understood correctly, but I gather you used a combined parent and aggregator approach where you defined

in your parent pom.

These module definitions can be refactored to an aggregator (packaging pom)
1) one aggregator which contains the multi-module Child A (+ parent P)
2) and another aggregator pom which contains Child B (+ parent P).

Target Platform configuration could still be defined in the parent pom, as you seem to be using the same parent P for both children. At least that's how I structured it: Target Platform in parent, modules in aggregator.

Consequently, you'll need to build the aggregator pom to build either multi-module project now.
Further details:

Maybe it helps

Am 02.03.2017 um 10:07 schrieb MAGGI Benoit:

Hi everyone,


I usually share my target platform using a multi-module configuration

but now I want to share it between independent module.



-        Parent P Module (Don’t have any child module)

o   Module Child A (have the parent P module as parent)

o   Module Child B (have the parent P module as parent)


ð  I want to use the same target platform when running maven clean install against Child A or Child B.

ð  How to achieve that ?


I tried to add a target platform as sub module of parent and also played a little with dependencies without success.


I suppose that one solution would be to release the platform before.

ð  Is there any module on Maven Central or Eclipse nexus that provide a minimal target platform?




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