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[tycho-user] "but it could not be found"

Windows 7


Maven 3.3.9

git 4.1.1
tycho 0.24.0


I get an error while doing a build.  The problem is the "" that the error is saying is missing does not exist.  The group did exist at one time, but not anymore.  I have tried the following...


1) Searched for the string "software.a.b.feature" in eclipse with the file search tool and got no hits.

2) Searched for the sting with an OS level tool and found two instances in the p2content.xml file in the "target" directory of each project.  One was a feature project the other a site project.  Since the "target" directory is a derived artifact I deleted the whole "target" directory in both the feature and site projects. 

3) Closed both projects in Eclipse.  Then I closed Eclipse.  Then I opened Eclipse with the "-clean" option.

4) Deleted the project in Eclipse, but not the OS file system.  Closed Eclipse.  Opened Eclipse with the "-clean" option.  Import the two projects from git back into the workspace.


The error....


[INFO] Resolving dependencies of MavenProject: @ C:\orthogroupgit\sites\\pom.xml

[INFO] {osgi.os=win32,, org.eclipse.update.install.features=true, osgi.arch=x86_64}

[ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:

[ERROR]   Software being installed: raw:0.0.1.'SNAPSHOT'/format(n[.n=0;[.n=0;[-S]]]):0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

[ERROR]   Missing requirement: raw:0.0.1.'SNAPSHOT'/format(n[.n=0;[.n=0;[-S]]]):0.0.1-SNAPSHOT requires ' [0.0.1,0.0.2)' but it could not be found


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