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Re: [tycho-user] Specify only parent in "pomless" build

Hi Andreas,

this is my structure
|-- example-parent
|-- example-feature
|-- example-plugin

example-aggregator defines example-parent, example-feature and example-plugin as its modules.
example-feature, example-plugin AND example-aggregator specify example-parent as its parent.

All the projects have the same groupId and same version.

If it's supported that pomless example-feature and example-plugin can fetch the groupId from the parent folder (in this case example-aggregator) although the Maven module in the parent folder is not the Maven parent, everything is fine for me.

Kind regards

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Betreff: Re: [tycho-user] Specify only parent in "pomless" build


> is it possible to specify only the Maven parent in a pom.xml file for a "pomless" plugin/feature build? I split the aggregator and the parent, so the parent is not located in the parent folder.

not 100% sure I understand your setup from this one sentence, but I
assume that your non-parent aggregator is in the
eclipse-project/eclipse-feature's parent folder, right? If so, why not
make your aggregator inherit from the parent, which then can live wherever.

An alternative structure would have the
eclipse-project/eclipse-feature's parent in the parent folder (where
Tycho expects them) but the aggregator projects somewhere else, using
relative paths in the <module> element.

Personally, I like the first option better, but AFAIK either should work.

Hope that helps.


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