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Re: [tycho-user] [Maven & Eclipse]

On 01/06/2016 01:14 PM, Christelle BURGUERA wrote:


Hi Christelle,

I’ve already maven projects :

-       One that builds an UpdateSite with my plugins

-       One that builds a Eclipse product (with my branding)

I would like to install the UpdateSite in the product.

I can do it only after because the plugins are built under Kepler and the product under Luna (with Maven it’s easy to have 2 differentes versions of Eclipse J)

I think it’ll be possible to use the p2 functionality ?

But how ?

Or if you have another idea ?

If you want to add p2 repository to your product, you'll have to tweak a p2.inf:
If by install you mean "install contents", then from Tycho or p2 perspective, the "update-site" isn't something you can install nor depend on. It's more a packaging than an artifact. Maybe if you want to better factorize content of p2 repo and content of your product, you'd rather rely on a feature that would be in both your p2 repo and your product.

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