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Re: [tycho-user] POM-less builds and non-SNAPSHOT parent POM releases

> AFAIK, this release scheme (switching only the parent POMs to
> non-SNAPSHOT versions) won't work with POM-less builds; if I switch the
> parent to a non-SNAPSHOT version, the POM-less child automatically
> switches to a non-SNAPSHOT version as well. Right?

as long as the pom-less child has a version ending with .qualifier, the pom model derived from it has a -SNAPSHOT maven version.

> What's the recommended way to do releases with a POM-less build then?

quite frankly, I don't know at this point. Haven't tried it yet, I guess we'll find out. Even right now with pom.xml and MANIFEST.MF there is no "one way" to do releases I think.


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