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Re: [tycho-user] POM-less builds and non-SNAPSHOT parent POM releases

Hi Jan,

> not sure I get the problem. A sample demonstrating the problem may help.
> Note that "pom-less" only means no poms for features and plugins required.
> Parent poms will always be there, they can't be derived from other metadata.
> Also, the way versions are mapped from OSGi to maven for pom-less builds is exactly the same way it has always been validated with pom.xml, so no change here.

I understand that.

Here's a excerpt of Code Recommenders' (fairly standard) project tree to
illustrate the issue.

During development the versions look like this, with ":plugins" being
both the parent and aggregator of ":org.eclipse.recommenders.rcp":


Now, during a release of Code Recommenders 2.2.3 we would use (two
executions of) the tycho-versions-plugin to rewrite the versions [1]:


This way, we deploy a non-SNAPSHOT version of our ":plugins" parent POM
to, but still use a SNAPSHOT version for
":org.eclipse.recommenders.rcp", so that the release still has a
qualifier (and this is newer in OSGi terms than the previous SNAPSHOT).

After the release, we switch back to using SNAPSHOT versions only.


AFAIK, this release scheme (switching only the parent POMs to
non-SNAPSHOT versions) won't work with POM-less builds; if I switch the
parent to a non-SNAPSHOT version, the POM-less child automatically
switches to a non-SNAPSHOT version as well. Right?

What's the recommended way to do releases with a POM-less build then?

Best wishes,



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