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[tycho-user] POM-less builds and non-SNAPSHOT parent POM releases

Hi all,

it looks like POM-less builds for plugins and features will be possible
soon [1]. Although the tycho-versions-plugin still doesn't support
POM-less builds [2] yet, I think now is a good time to discuss how
version-bumps should happen in the POM-less world.

1) On the one hand, every OSGi plugin should have a qualifier and Tycho
requires the corresponding Maven project to be a SNAPSHOT.

2) On the other hand, parent POMs, which others (e.g., your incubator
projects) may consume, should be deployed to with a
non-SNAPSHOT version.

This has led to recipes like the following [3], which we (the Code
Recommenders project) use during our releases: First,
tycho-versions-plugin:set-version *everything* to a non-SNAPSHOT
version, then set-version the plugins and features back to their
SNAPSHOT version (but now with a non-SNAPSHOT parent).

If we were to switch to a POM-less build, I wonder how we can satisfy
both 1) and 2). Suggestions?

Best wishes,


[1] <>
[2] <>

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